The Best Type Of Guitar For Beginners

Learning to play guitar can be an exciting experience, but it’s also very trying at times. It’s not exactly a matter of picking it up and playing a Jimi Hendrix song. It’s about practice, patience, determination and starting with the right guitar. Out of all the reasons why people fail to master the instrument, choosing the wrong guitar ranks among the important ones. Unfortunately, it’s not a reason people really think about.

You don’t want to make the same mistake and lose hope prematurely, so keep the following in mind when choosing a guitar.

How Does It Feel?

Given that you haven’t really played a guitar yet, it’s going to be difficult to make certain distinctions, for example, the quality of the sound. At some point you are base your decision on more technical elements, but for your first guitar you want to focus on the feel. Does it feel comfortable for you? Is it a feeling that will you motivate you to pick it up whenever the opportunity presents itself?

An Electric Or Acoustic?

If you prefer choosing a guitar that has a reputation for helping beginners, then it’s probably the classic acoustic models. They typically have wider necks, nylon strings and they are very light in weight. These models will help to get those fingers stretched and they won’t hurt nearly as much as steel strings.

Guitar with drum set

How Much Should It Cost?

The last thing you want to do is spend loads of money on your first guitar. Focus more on getting to know the instrument first before picking up the most expensive guitar you see. It’s not the guitar that costs more that will help you learn.

In the end, the best guitar for a beginner is the guitar that suits your needs. If you like it and it can stay in tune, you’ve found it.

What To Do Next?

After you found a guitar, you’ll need some lessons. If you want online lessons, then consider the comparison of JamPlay versus Guitar Tricks It covers two of the most popular learning programs on the Internet.

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