Strike A Pose. It’s Your Wedding Day!

bridal photo

It is popularly said that to get it right with wedding photography, you need to be more of an artist and a lesser scientist. For any photographer, you will learn this on the job and the better you become the more this statement will make sense to you. You may have all the best after-production technology and the right tools for the job, but posing will be a different subject that you have to muster and learn by heart.

Wrong poses will make someone’s wedding ugly. Destroy their happiest day. And do you think you can live with that? To save you the wrath of disgusted bridegroom and distraught bride, here are wedding photography posing styles that should never miss in your collection;

The Close-up

Every wedding must have a taste of this; otherwise it will not be a complete day. The newlyweds get to face each other and are intimately close. You can have a good number of shots for them here. Capture the bliss as they shyly look into each other and your job will be making a resume for itself.

The carry moment

The groom must carry the bride. It is an old law and still holds water in modern time. This is your time to capture some real action. As he lifts her off the ground and walks with her for some distance, you can have good takes. Be ready to move when they move and you will not miss a single step.

The kiss

Miss their kissing moment and you will be stripped of your title as the presiding photographer. As they kiss, it is your time to capture them and leave them with the memory of their big day. Right from their first kiss at the altar to the series of kisses that follow up to the reception, document each of them.

Opened-up pose

As they hold hands and drift apart, you should be there to capture the moment. Have them consciously drift from each other while holding hands. As they make the comeback make sure you have that too.

Stacking gaze

This is a pose as the newly married gaze far into the horizon-maybe contemplating how life will be now that they will live together. The groom holds her from the back as they both face the future. This one works best if the venue had surrounding natural landscape.

The Swing

This is yet another action style. The groom will have to lift her by the waist and swing her around. It will be a good test whether he can support her weight. He should be able to swing her by all means for he made the choice. It is a daring pose and one that will be a top memory for the couples for years to come.
If you want to make a lofty wedding photographer’s CV, you only have it one way. Get them the right posing styles and you will be the ever-present figure in all the weddings in your town. Master each pose and remember it is all being an artist.

Melissa Parker