10 Marketplace Apps for Selling Your Stuff

People buy new stuff everyday leading to accumulation of stuff in our homes. Some of these things we really need while others just sit uselessly in our homes. When this happens, it is time to get rid of them by selling them to people who really need them. Apart from sites like eBay and craigslist, there are new apps that are being created everyday to help you do this. With that, here are 10 marketplace apps for selling your stuff.

GoneGone is an iOS app that helps sellers and buyers simplify the whole listing process. These includes checking your item and determining the highest price of a similar product. It analyzes transactions for several electronics from various worldwide online marketplaces so that you arrive at your items selling price.


HappySale is an app that simply helps you sell your old item at a reasonable price and be happy. You just take a picture of the item right from the app and post it. You will not need to give out your personal information since communication is handled inside the app.

SailyYou can sign in Saily using your email or even your Facebook account. Since the app is still new, it still doesn’t accept large items like cars and furniture. However, the app lets you sell all other items including clothes and jewelry.

PostingsPostings is a Craigslist app that can help you edit your listings and browse listings if you want to buy something. Although it doesn’t allow you to create new listings, it still becomes very useful especially if Craigslist is your main outlet for buying and selling used items.

Zupa With Zupa, you are able to sell any of your old items that can fit into a box. What is good about it is that you get to keep all the money you get from selling the item since there are no posting and listing fees.


5miles This is another app that is aimed at helping you sell your old stuff to people who need it. However, users are only able to see stuff that is within a five-mile radius from where they are. This is because it focuses on listings that are within that range. It is a useful app if you want to sell old items or buy those that are within five miles from your location.

Listia With Listia, you are able to gain credits and badges when you hit a certain milestone on using the app. It also features several offers daily for a certain number of credits. As a seller, you can in turn use these credits to buy other items.

Pixsell allows you to sell absolutely anything including cars and beauty products. To ensure safety for its buyers and sellers, it verifies users. In as little as 15 seconds, you will have listed the item that you want to sell.

Chairish Chairish is a beautiful iOS app that is designed to resell unique or designer home ware including jewelry. Every day, hundreds of items are posted.The online form for posting these items contains helpful fields. It is best for selling and buying house accessories, vintage or antique furniture, and jewelry that is in good condition.

LetgoJust as its name suggests, this app is for helping you let go of old stuff that you no longer use. This app features full profiles for members so that buyers are able to know who they are buying from. Also, if you are selling your old stuff you will also know who you are selling to.


Melissa Parker